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The company’s goal was to make it easier to send and receive messages outside of the main Facebook application.

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Facebook Messenger finally has its own desktop app that lets you message friends and make video calls, just like on the mobile and web versions.

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Facebook Messenger allows you to use the messaging feature of Facebook without having to launch your browser.

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Saving and copying Messenger messages can be useful for many needs including:Facebook Messenger Download For MacPreserving Messenger messages from friends or loved ones.

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There is even video and voice calling What are the best ways to save and print Facebook Messenger Chats?There are several helpful solutions for any Facebook Messenger user when it comes to exporting and printing out Messenger messages and conversations.. The service allows any user to send and exchange chat messages, photos, audio, videos, stickers, and other files.. Messenger for Windows Desktop Facebook Messenger for Mac, free and safe download.. It looks like that decision is working well since projections show that by 2022 there will be over 138.. Today’s blog will guide you through the quick steps to accomplish that task and you will be able to export your important Messenger messages and attachments as a PDF document on your computer.. Messenger users often have a need to save their Facebook Messenger chats and messages to their computer and print them out.. Installing the latest version may help to fix problems when something's not working.. The app makes communicating with your Facebook contacts quick and simple Your contacts are displayed in a list, and all you have to do is click one to start a conversation.. Facebook Messenger is a communication app that is born out of the popular social media platform.. Background on Facebook MessengerIn 2014 Facebook split off the messaging feature from their program and users were required to download a separate Messenger application. 5ebbf469cd